Monthly Post Archive: December 2020

December 23 2020

Replace pure by applied mathematics, logic by computer programming, architecture by engineering, history by sociology. The result will be a new generation of well-informed philistines, whose charmlessness will undo every advantage which their learning might otherwise have conferred.

Roger Scruton

December 20 2020
Tags: brexit

Brexit is a national tragedy built on a chimera. The UK is about to discover that it has traded the real power to shape its destiny for an illusion drenched in nostalgia.

Philip Stephens, The Financial Times

December 11 2020

True innovation emerges from chaos. In that space, there's only one way to progress, and that is to create. Makers move forward, analysts get left behind.


December 10 2020

Programmers know the benefits of everything and the tradeoffs of nothing. Architects need to understand both.

Rich Hickey