Monthly Post Archive: January 2011

January 22 2011
Tags: ethics

John Perry Barlow recently tweeted a list of values he had written down when he turned 30. Miguel de Icaza collected and organized them.

They're all good: one that resonates right now...

Avoid the pursuit of happiness. Seek to define your mission and pursue that.

January 05 2011

assuming you can believe an economic projection 40 (count em) years into the future....

HSBC admits that its economic projections are based on a "rather rosy scenario". Yet one thing seems clear. As superpowers of world food output, the US and Canada are sitting pretty

January 05 2011
Tags: 4G

Yankee Group predict slow uptake of 4G in 2011

January 04 2011
Tags: yahoo

Great post from Paul Graham, from Summer 2010, about the reasons for Yahoo's inexorable decline.

"In the software business, you can't afford not to have a hacker-centric culture."

January 03 2011
Tags: barcamp

January 03 2011
Tags: facebook

Goldman and the Russian Investment Fund Digital Sky Technologies put $500 million in for 1% of FB.

Remarkable given that great swathes of passive users such as this writer do very little to justify that valuation.