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January 31 2010
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January 25 2010
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Garth Turner

In Vancouver and the Lower Mainland right now, not being a real estate crackhead is weird. Thinking people who pay $900,000 for an unrenovated schleppy Fifties bung in a dodgy area are delusional is weird. Not succumbing to the pressure of helicopter parents and nesting spouses to throw yourself into a pit of mortgage debt for your entire adult life is weird.


January 15 2010

Henry Mintzberg:

This may sound extreme. But when you look at the way the compensation game is playedand the assumptions that are made by those who want to reform ityou can come to no other conclusion. The system simply can't be fixed. Executive bonusesespecially in the form of stock and option grantsrepresent the most prominent form of legal corruption that has been undermining our large corporations and bringing down the global economy. Get rid of them and we will all be better off for it.

January 14 2010
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Bill Gates once sagely remarked that the adoption of new technology and ideas typically takes longer than expected, but that the eventual ramifications are far more wide-reaching than expected.

This big 'cloud' deal is, thus, surprising given the relative immaturity of cloud offerings. But the overall pace of adoption is even more impressive.