Monthly Post Archive: November 2010

November 18 2010
Tags: property

Like the expected death of a sick and elderly relative, the demise of Millenium Water in Vancouver---expected for months by many housing realists---is still a shock. Perhaps we secretly hoped that the laughable boosterism of the Vancouver Real Estate industry was somehow going to pull it through. RIP

November 16 2010


A majority of global investors predict Ireland will default on its sovereign debt, showing that weeks of efforts by the government of the onetime Celtic Tiger havent allayed concerns about its creditworthiness.

and from the Sunday Times

FEARS are mounting that Ireland could default on its soaring national debt pile, amid continuing worries about its troubled banking sector.

November 10 2010

Maps and Wave inventor Rasmussen talks about why he's decamping to Facebook. Not surprisingly, the ramp up of Google to a whopping 25,000 people is part of the problem. Although, Facebook, already at a headcount of 2000, can hardly be considered a startup.